Monetizing the Future of News Media

Creative Advertising

Mashable does a write up on The Palm Beach Post because I came up with innovative ways to deliver real time messages in online advertising.  I’m not looking for a gold star but it would’ve been nice to get mentioned for the implementation of my ideas.

Article – 5 Ways to Monetize the Future of News Media
#5 Create Better Value for Advertisers
“A few years ago, Irani (my previous boss) and his team began blogging and holding free seminars in an attempt to educate local businesses about online advertising. They cover topics ranging from how to claim your business on Google to the basics of search engine and social media marketing, yet do not try to sell ad space on during these meetings. Instead, they have positioned themselves as a go-to resource for questions about online advertising.
The Palm Beach Post has also begun to offer creative advertising opportunities beyond simple banner ads. For instance, realtors can now stream their tweets on to showcase their listings, and nearby restaurants can buy space on the website during lunch hours to tweet their lunch specials. The news site is launching a “What’s For Lunch?” hub soon, where users can browse lunch specials from a large number of local venues via a Twitter aggregator.”

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