Social Media Reality Check

Creating Fans

There has been continued emphasis put on creating more Fans & Likes on Social Media platforms and I’m finding there isn’t much thought or strategy going into how to do just that. As an advocate of Social Media, I find it particularly easy to get absorbed in the dense marketing jargon instead of focusing on the fundamentals of what it means to be social. It’s like marketers loose touch with reality because they are so enamored with the idea of statistical results and ROI. The bottom line is that people are more than just metrics and numbers on a chart.
So what approach should you take to grow LIKES in such a saturated social world?
Here are 5 things to consider.

Snap Back to Reality…

1. Facebook isn’t the only “social” world we live in, we spend time on a physical social platform called life
2. Likes are “real people”
3. Creating brand advocates involves more than having people click “like” or “follow”
4. Facebook and Twitter are “connecting” tools not “soliciting” tools
5. Social visibility has a time cost

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