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I recently did an interview with Young Entrepreneur talking about Pixil 3D and Pixil Agency’s involvement in 3D printing.  I have to say that after several months of building up street cred. within the 3D printing industry, it feels good to be recognized for our efforts.

Just so you know, as a side note, I was pretty pessimistic about investing in 3D printing technology at the beginning.  I’d even venture to say that Pedro Ruiz (founder Pixil 3D) pretty much forced me into figuring out how we were to make this avenue of business profitable (he’s dreamed about this day since he was a kid).  In saying that, we aren’t profitable YET but we are on our way.  I’ve created a handful of revenue streams surrounding the technology and which is inevitably the premise of the write up.

So, yeah, it’s exciting to have gone from, shit, we have to make money to well, we’re making money but we have to make more!

Also, now that we have invested in the technology, our clients are sure loving the fact that we’re dreaming up new ways to make their brands better!

Read the behind the scenes interview dialogue with Young Entrepreneur.

Read the full Article “The 3D Printing Craze Hits Young Entrepreneurs”

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