Bringing a Maker Retail Space to West Palm Beach

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Some of you have heard about my vision for a 3D Printing retail space in Downtown West Palm Beach but the vision has likely changed since we last spoke.  So let me start by giving you a little pretext.

If you don’t already know, I work remotely, which means I have a home office but spend a considerable amount of time on the road and in coffee shops.  I like the idea of working in a cafe but I have to admit that I’m pretty tired of smelling like burnt coffee grounds (Sorry Starbucks).

The Tech Part of the Vision

Imagine walking to happy hour or dinner on Clematis Street (pick your downtown main street) and seeing a 3D printer behind glass making something right in front of your face.  Better yet, imagine your children see the 3D printer making things right in front of their faces. (If you’re a parent, you know how emotionally charged that event could be.)  Additionally, imagine if that technology was available to use.  (Like walking into a Kinkos and printing a file) Amazing, right?

Ok, so you get the gist…  Please note that this isn’t a pure technology play and the look and feel of this space isn’t going to reflect a typical techie modern look.

The Alternative Cafe

My ideal cafe environment looks and feels like, the “Design Shack”…

Design Shack, will embody a comfortable and cozy beach cottage theme that feels like an escapist vacation home (basically the kind of place you day dream about while sitting in your cubicle).  When you step foot in the door, you will see 3D printers making items that will actually be for sale in the space. If you look past the cool modern maker area then your eyes will likely wonder to the cozy comfortable corner or the engaging community table that will serve as our co-working lounge that is free and open to the public.

To fuel creativity and further embrace the cafe environment you will find an “Acai Bar” where we will be offering brain food (aka Acai Bowls).

The Brand

Design Shack

Target Audience

Designers, Makers, People Working Remotely, Families with Children, Thinkers (if you have a brain then you’re a target)

Shop Features

  • 3D Printing Services and Workshops
  • Meetups, Tweetups, and Social events
  • Sell 3D Printed Consumer Goods like Jewelry, Lamps, Planters
  • Lounge/Co-working space
  • Acai Bar i.e “brain food” (Acai Bowls)

Our FedEx Application – verbatim

“Tired of spending countless of hours working at Starbucks? Our vision for the alternative is a cafe-esque retail space that looks and feels like an escapist vacation cottage (imagine an exotic hut on Richard Branson’s Island) complete with that writers desk in the corner. Yeah, basically a creative utopia. Infuse this cozy place with a shot of new age, 3D printing, technology (MakerBots) add a bar with brain food (acai bowls) and you’ve got the ideal cafe for thinkers.

We should win this grant because we will enhance the experiences of people working remotely by creating a cozy conduit for thinkers, designers, and makers. As a grassroots initiative our motives are pure as we aim to enrich the lives of people in our community. For co/workers this will be a place that provides more than a place to sit with wifi and caffeine. The space will impart and give access to inspiration, motivation, influence, networks, new technology, and so much more.

We are currently working with an interior design company to create the previously described look and feel. Once we arrive at our cost we’ll use the money to pay for materials and the build out of the space. Our aim is to make it desirable, comfortable, and inspirational.”

Vote for Us (daily) until Nov. 24th, 2012

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