A Maker Christmas

I’ve been over here at Pixil Agency collaborating with the team on new products to bring to market and we’re excited to announce that this Holiday Season we will be offering some of our creations as gifts.

The holidays, for me, represent a special time to reflect on my gratitude for the ones I care about and I’m especially excited for this season because I can’t wait to give the “Maker” experience.  Seeing the smile (or surprise) on a loved one’s face after giving a truly one of a kind gift is what the “Maker Gift” experience is all about.  It is my goal, this season, to amplify my thoughtfulness and make really awesome gifts for the ones I love.

Join me in giving the Maker Gift experience this Holiday Season

If you have an idea for a custom 3D Printed gift then please email me or visit www.pixil3D.com/products to choose from one of the products we’ve created.

Enter promo code: PIXILGIFT to receive 15% off from now through Christmas.


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