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I’m launching a campaign very very soon and you can play a big role!

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What’s Going On?

This year has been an incredible one for me, professionally.  I launched a tech agency and have been living the proverbial dream since.  One of the biggest accomplishments, as a company, was creating Promtr, a teleprompter app for iPad.  Building Promtr taught me a lot about what it took to see an app project through.  Bottom line, they’re not easy to create.



In hindsight however, it was cool to see how all the hard work paid off.  Promtr was featured twice by Apple and at one point was the 16th most downloaded Productivity app in the US.  The take away, for us, do what it takes to deliver because seeing a project through builds character!  (We ended up flying a developer out from California to finish the app after several failed attempts at contracting with local developers.)

All that to say, I’m creating another app, called Surfr.

What is Surfr?

This app is the “Map my Run” or “Nike +” app for surfers.  Simply put, it allows surfers to, “log their sessions”.  It will be marketed as a social/utility app that allows surfers to document and share their surfing adventures

Here’s a scenario for you:

surfr 3

I live in Florida and I follow my buddy Dan in San Diego, on the app.  Dan arrives at Black’s Beach after getting a notification, from the app, on his phone or desktop saying the surf is going off, just before hitting the water, his girlfriend snaps a shot of him smiling ear to ear as the swell rolls in over the cliff in the background, then he checks in and goes for a surf.

Once checked in, I can see the report of the spot he is surfing at and see the photo he just uploaded.  Amazing!  Yeah, that doesn’t currently exist.

Likewise, I can do the same here in Florida or well, I could’ve checked in at Off the Wall in Hawaii when I was there last week.

As a surfer, I would absolutely love to have the ability to follow my friends, share my experiences with others, and reminisce on my past sessions months later.


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