Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 2013


This is an extraordinary event in every sense of the word.  I love the fact that there is marked support for a race that means so much to so many lives across the world and here locally in greater West Palm Beach.  I’m so proud of our city for devoting resources to bringing this event to a world class level.  It’s especially exciting to have witnessed the fervor and zeal of breast cancer survivors running the race proudly and visually depicting, through their fun outfits, that they have so much to live for.

The Susan G Komen 5K is one of the only races that separate men and women runners.  I signed up in the men’s division but opted to run with my friend Lacie the day of, as did a lot of other men who wanted to share that special moment with their friend, family or spouse.  Apparently, the chips only timed the race you registered for so my time didn’t get clocked since I ran with the women.  (I guess I was the first man to finish) haha

No worries, though, I found Lacie’s time online here and figured I did the same since we crossed the finish line simultaneously.  My time was 22:35 a 7:17/M

I’m so thankful for this event and events like this that reveal our humanity in such a humbling way.  Race – Susan G Komen 5K January, 2013. websiteImage

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