Bali Hi

I’m sitting here drinking a homemade lemongrass ginger iced tea overlooking an infinity pool with 3 forward facing Bali style villas, a plumeria tree to my left and a stone ox to my side thinking about what it means to be here in such a remarkable place. I never imagined either in high school or in college that I’d be an entrepreneur or someone who creates things and gets paid to do so, much less travel the world like this. Looking back however, I can see how it was God’s design for my life as one choice has molded another and shaped me to become who I am today. With that, I want to say how encouraged I am by the people I surround myself with and those that have come my way. Especially my new business partner Chris and the people I’m staying with here in Bali. Over the years I have seen people come and go some of which were close to me and I thought might be lifelong friends. So I’ve learned to cherish moments with those in my life no matter what their status is. Those that I’m currently with are young, kind, thoughtful, genuine, outgoing, smart, risk takers, and extremely successful. I’m inspired by their mindfulness and excited to explore life’s opportunities with them.Image

My experience in Indonesia thus far has taught me some foundational lessons about myself and my spirituality. I traveled here to gather marketing materials and create videos for Surfr App launch but I’m finding that God has me here for so much more. I haven’t been here 24 hours and I’m completely enthralled by the smiling people, the surf, and the spiritual energy surrounding the Balinese culture. Temples are present in every home and they light sacraments morning, noon, and night. I find this so fascinating because their spirituality is so visible and culturally sound. It’s opened my eyes to the reality of how far my country has gone in the opposite direction. Ironically, the USA, where we supposedly can practice religion freely has become a country where our foundational religion, Christianity, isn’t visible at all. Not to mention the overall sentiment of Christians has completely changed and It saddens my heart to think about how negative it’s become. Our country has a real identity crisis unlike the country I’m currently in…

 Indonesia, you are a beautiful and majestic place. Looking forward to getting to know you over the next few weeks.

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