Playing a Bigger Game in Life and Nelson Mandela

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela

Ahhh, Friday!  It feels so good to sit down and just indulge in the peace of punching the keys even if it is just for a moment.  The smell of Guatemalan Counter Culture coffee is in the air and Shane n Shane is strumming peacefully in the background.  I’ve taken some time this morning to reflect on the passing of Nelson Mandela which affected me in a couple of ways.  I was in a unique position last night because I was watching the news anticipating the Surfr interview my business partner and I did with ESPN that was inevitably bumped by the breaking news of Mandela’s passing.  I can’t imagine there were too many people, across the globe, that were in my position.  I’m not new to the camera and I have made several appearances on tv across the country. Quite frankly even standing at Nick and Johnnies (I don’t own a TV) looking up at the TV I felt kind of bad because I’m on the news a lot now (4 times in the past 2 months).  Then it hit me…  I was in the fractional percentile of people to be headlining the news in the United States and my segment was replaced by Nelson Mandela.

In reflecting on that this morning, I thought about how significant it was and what it meant to not only headline the news with a product that I launched as an entrepreneur but to be replaced by someone that made such a marked impact on the world.  A man that encouraged a nation and brought peace to a region.  A man that spent nearly a third of his life in prison then became president of the country that wronged him.  Someone that inspired the world to be a better place and lived a life of fullest potential living by the credo, “We must use time wise and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”

My prayer this morning was one of thanksgiving.  Dear God, thank you for putting people like Nelson Mandela on this earth so that we can learn from them, be inspired by them and encouraged by their life.  Thank you for the strength to persevere in impossible times where hope may seem lost and through the times of uncertainty.  Thank you for the passion displayed by such a man that woke up, daily, with the intention to be a good steward of his gifts and lived a life he was capable of.

In conclusion, I draw a parallel and relate to Nelson’s way of being that holds me to a higher standard.  I am encouraged by his life and  celebrate it this morning.  My business coach, Peter Marcus, always talks about playing a bigger game in life and it is often a challenge to me because just when I think I have a situation figured out I’m reminded to not “play small” in life.  Those are words to live by and worthy of addressing in every situation because it allows you to consider the bigger picture of those impacted downstream by your decisions.

How will you play a bigger game and live a life you of fullest potential?

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