You Are What You Choose

It’s Sunday here and the sleepy city of Bogota is just waking up.  It’s about 8am and I just took a walk down the street in search of an open cafe but found only wandering dogs and signs that said cerrado.  I had a curiosity and realization come over me as to why everything was closed. Ah, the culture here is predominantly Christian so most of the places are probably closed for that reason. Which made me think shouldn’t I be resting too? It’s funny how these subtle reminders can cross your mind.


ImageI decided to head back to the hostel to do some writing before breakfast. So here I sit in the midst of the outdoor dining community  of Hostel Explora in the charming town of La Candelaria. I look up and see a beautiful little garden with a green vine hugging the old red bricks as it climbs towards the sky.  I slouch slightly in my chair and start reflecting on the recent (over the past year) choices I made that brought me here, as if to take it all in.  The choice to leave the agency world and embark on the Surfr adventure, the choice to create Startup Palm Beach, and the slew of daily choices that brought me here.

I thought why are times like these so significant? So I researched the word reflection and came across this golden nugget by Drucker, “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” So true… 

That’s life and here I am sitting in Bogota in a beautiful little garden, staring at the wall, waiting on deysayuno and reflecting what brought me here. The one thing I discerned is that everything we do in life is a choice. Each decision carries us to the next set of choices and opportunities. 

I pause in mid thought to say that this post isn’t about success rather it’s about understanding why we decide what we decide daily.

Quiet reflection on your existence is healthy. It allows you to check in on who you’ve become. It allows you to engage your life’s personal mission statement or that which is the foundation of your decisions.

I reflected on my mission and recalled the decision to leave The Palm Beach Post and start investing my energy in people instead of merely working for money. Yeah, that’s it, my benchmark for decision making (for now at least).  Have you thought about yours?

One of the beauties of life is that subtle reminders come in all shapes and sizes and are often made available when you’re open and honest with yourself. In my mind, life is not about perfection but purpose. Take some time this week to reflect on your personal mission statement and remember that, “You Are What You Choose”. 





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