An Excerpt on Leadership

“People with humility don’t think less of themselves, they just think of themselves less.” Ken Blanchard and Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Ethical Management 

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Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 2013


This is an extraordinary event in every sense of the word.  I love the fact that there is marked support for a race that means so much to so many lives across the world and here locally in greater West Palm Beach.  I’m so proud of our city for devoting resources to bringing this event to a world class level.  It’s especially exciting to have witnessed the fervor and zeal of breast cancer survivors running the race proudly and visually depicting, through their fun outfits, that they have so much to live for.

The Susan G Komen 5K is one of the only races that separate men and women runners.  I signed up in the men’s division but opted to run with my friend Lacie the day of, as did a lot of other men who wanted to share that special moment with their friend, family or spouse.  Apparently, the chips only timed the race you registered for so my time didn’t get clocked since I ran with the women.  (I guess I was the first man to finish) haha

No worries, though, I found Lacie’s time online here and figured I did the same since we crossed the finish line simultaneously.  My time was 22:35 a 7:17/M

I’m so thankful for this event and events like this that reveal our humanity in such a humbling way.  Race – Susan G Komen 5K January, 2013. websiteImage

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Reaching Backers on Kickstarter

This post is about my findings and experiences with the Surfr App Kickstarter thus far. The premise of the Kickstarter is to raise funds to develop an app that will enrich the lives of the surfing community by allowing them to document and share their surfing adventures. I knew going into it that I’d be dealing with a very fickle group of people and reaching critical mass wouldn’t be easy.  Here’s a snapshot of the project so far.

Surfing Related Kickstarter Projects that got Funded

Matt Warshaw

Matt Warshaw

Prior to launching, I studied a handful of surfing related projects posted on Kickstarter and the takeaway was that the funded projects were posted by people with industry influence like:

Pro Surfer Lakey Peterson – “Zero to 100 – A Lakey Peterson Story”

Former editor of Surfer Magazine, Matt Warshaw – “Encyclopedia of Surfing” which BTW was very kind to respond to my message to him saying, “As far as getting media exposure, all you can do is just sent the KS link to everybody you know, and cold-call surf mag and website editors. Everybody is so hungry for content these days, they’ll get the word out.”

Movie Producer, Bryan Jennings of Walking on Water Productions – “Beyond Sight”

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I’m Launching a Kickstarter Project

Help Surfr App get Funded on Kickstarter

I’m launching a campaign very very soon and you can play a big role!

Please drop your Name and Email into the form below to get notified when the project launches.

What’s Going On?

This year has been an incredible one for me, professionally.  I launched a tech agency and have been living the proverbial dream since.  One of the biggest accomplishments, as a company, was creating Promtr, a teleprompter app for iPad.  Building Promtr taught me a lot about what it took to see an app project through.  Bottom line, they’re not easy to create.


In hindsight however, it was cool to see how all the hard work paid off.  Promtr was featured twice by Apple and at one point was the 16th most downloaded Productivity app in the US.  The take away, for us, do what it takes to deliver because seeing a project through builds character!  (We ended up flying a developer out from California to finish the app after several failed attempts at contracting with local developers.)

All that to say, I’m creating another app, called Surfr.

What is Surfr?

This app is the “Map my Run” or “Nike +” app for surfers.  Simply put, it allows surfers to, “log their sessions”.  It will be marketed as a social/utility app that allows surfers to document and share their surfing adventures

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Walking on Water

It’s been a couple days since my last post, rest assured, I’m alive and well and still sleeping in 5 star accommodations i.e. hammock on the beach.  I’ve got to first start by saying, It’s fascinating how God works in ways that we can’t begin to understand.  I know, that’s pretty deep and you may not believe in God but let’s just agree that innately we all have a feeling or emotion that identifies significant events as being omniscient, otherwise something has a role in what takes place.

A Walking on Water Production

bryan jennings webWith that, I was sitting on the sand yesterday after a surf sesh at Off the Wall and saw a massive film crew descend on the beach with a group of surfers.  I sat up sleepily off my sun bum towel out of curiosity to spot a familiar face down the way.  Is that Bryan Jennings?  It was…  It was the pro surfer from one of my favorite movies called Walking on Water.  In the movie he took two random groms on a surf trip around the world exposing them to cultures, waves, and meaningful life experiences.

I snapped a few shots of Bryan and what appeared to be the famous “Blind Surfer” from Brazil as they came and went in and out of the water.  Not an hour later I see Bryan walking down the beach so I greeted him halfway between my towel and where he was heading.  Hey Bryan, “Nick Mohnacky, (handshake) I just want to let you know I love the movies you all are creating at Walking on Water Productions especially Noah’s Ark, that was my favorite.  Oh, and I spent some time in San Clemente with Todd Morehead and in New York City with Mike Doyle. (all guys that work(ed) for the company).  Bryan: Really? Wow, small world!  Where are you from? What do you do? (as if he already knew)

Me: I’m from West Palm Beach, and I have a tech agency that does video production and animation.  Bryan: (without hesitation) Perfect, we’re looking for some more help on this video maybe you can help us with titles and effects, walk with me I’ll tell you more about it.  Well first off, it’s a movie that we didn’t even plan on making, but God had His hand in it and we felt compelled to tell the remarkable story of Derek Rabelo, a blind surfer.

I spent about 20 minutes with Bryan, listening and feeding off his passion for story telling and people.  We exchanged contact info and Mahalo’s, so I guess we’ll see where it takes us. (no expectations just happy to have shared a moment with he and Derek)

Surfing on a Lay Day

Bear with me as I work my way backwards here as the prior conversation was near the close of the day with the sun setting over Kaena Point.

otw barrel webIt was a lay day for the event, which means they didn’t run the contest because the waves were too small; pipe was bout 3-4 ft (hawaiian).  This was good for me because it gave me the chance to surf a fairly uncrowded Off the Wall and Backdoor delivering fun head high barrels.  Man, even at that size, the ocean is angry as the lips come heaving over themselves crashing down on the reef with incredible power.  I saw an Oakley team rider paddle out and literally in less than 10 minutes paddle back in with half a board in hand.  Insane!

After about half hour, 3 waves, a solid barrel and a couple fun off the tops I was starting to feel pretty confident about the 6’3 firewire (rental) pin tail under my feet.  The board was a little long for my liking but the extra foam and the hard lines allowed me to get into the waves with ease and gave me a much needed second longer to set my rail in the pocket.  If you haven’t surfed Pipeline, Backdoor, or Off the Wall then you need to know that it is SHALLOW, I mean really shallow.  I caught a left at Off the Wall straight into the inside reef at Backdoor and literally jumped off my board butt first after coming out of a sick little barrel and slammed right onto the reef.  Holy Mother that hurt!!  It couldn’t have been more than two feet deep.

Check out this photo of a guy getting tended to yesterday.  Ouch…

reef rash north shore web

The Starbucks’ Experience

As I grow older, I’m learning that life is all about experiences and relationships, of which this trip and others like it are examples of that.  I’ve been to this Starbucks every morning for the past few days and fundamentally, it’s no different than the one I sit at after swim practice in Palm Beach Gardens.  People gathering over an early morning brew chatting about life experiences, simply connecting with each other on the daily.  The differences are revealed in the people and the stories.  You see, it just so happens that this Starbucks is full of surfing legends, Olympic photographers, CEOs dressed in flip flops and boardshorts, and veterans of war.  I’m also starting to learn that even though, I’ve been homeless for days, I look and smell like everyone else around me…  Maybe it’s because I’ve made good use of the public facilities that are probably less sanitary than the ones in foreign countries.  I don’t know, but either way, I’ve learned that being homeless here is way too easy here.

Ok, I need to look up my bus route/times back to the airport.  I’ll leave you with some photos until next time.

otw turn weboff the wall websunset web

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Aloha North Shore

Let me start by saying thank you to the Starbucks for opening your doors at 5am because a warm cup of coffee out of the elements has never felt so good.

flightAlright, so that was a hell of a trip out here, just saying!  A 5:45am flight took me into Atlanta connecting at 10:55am EST, to LAX connecting at 2:55pm PST, to HNL at 6:30pm HST to the bus at 7:30pm HST then finally to the Pupukea, North Shore at 11:00pm (4:00am EST)

So yeah, a solid 23 hour day worth of traveling…  Thanks to Mel, the 2 hour bus ride was much more enjoyable.

north shoreI was in Hawaii for all of an hour and as fate would have it, I met, Mel, a massage therapist from Maui, originally from Canada that booked a flight to come watch the contest too.  I got on the bus and the bus driver said, “that’ll be $2.50 but please go pay the girl over there because I don’t have change and she gave me too much.”   Well, that was easy…  Pretty blonde, world traveler, massage therapist, surfer, lives in Maui, yep those are all good things; as you can imagine there was plenty to talk about.

After exchanging numbers we went our separate ways at the Pupukea bus stop, near Food Land, and I set off into the night to find a place to string up my hammock.

Stumbling off the lava rock asphalt road, down the hill near Shark’s Cove I found two nice size trees where I made my bed for the night.  Oh, you’re probably wondering why  I’m not staying in a hotel or a hostel?

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Don’t Blow It – A Surfer’s Journey

The Call

travel clothesIt was about 10pm last night when I got “the call” from my buddy Perry, “Hey mate I got a flight here leaving for Hawaii at 5:45am tomorrow morning if you’re keen.”  After going over the standby schedule for about 20 minutes I pulled the trigger and had him book the flight.  I put the rest of my belongings together into one DaKine backpack and tried to get some rest, knowing I had a LONG journey ahead.

“Don’t Blow It, Mohnacky”

flight instagramSome of you know me well enough, to know that I grew up in Hawaii so I can humbly say that I’ve been there, done that and have the scars to prove it. What most of you don’t know is my reason for this trip.  I’ll tell you, it certainly isn’t about the glamorous idea of going to Hawaii, to get a lei, check a luau, and sip a mai thai.

What you should know is that this trip is about risk, danger, and reward.

It’s about witnessing an event unfold during a very short timeline because the stars are aligned and the ending of the story hasn’t been told.  I once had someone tell me, “Don’t blow it Mohnacky” and that statement stuck with me in my moments of complacency.  Well rest assured, this trip is especially about, not blowing it and I’m stoked to take you along!

Sacred Ground

You see, within the next 10 hours, I’ll have descended on a legendary place during an epic time, stepping foot on majestic soil and sacred grounds where thousands will gather to watch the world’s best surfers on the thunderous sandy shores of the world’s deadliest wave, called the Banzai Pipeline.

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